Monday, July 15, 2013

Sexual Signals: Availability, Willingness, Challenge

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The woman in the photograph at left is virtually screaming her message in non-verbal but obvious cues, designed to send out, at minimum three messages, each and all related to a very physical seduction.

And none of these seductive signs is related remotely to the provocative manner in which she is dressed or her physical attractiveness by average US "typical" male standards. In fact she is a study in temptation, persuasion and a potential call (to the right bidder) to action.

There is a seduction in the making, just by examining this picture.

No details are necessary.

1)  The twisting of her hips and lower midsection is associated with flexibility, fitness, eagerness to move and sultry sexual activity. Further it thrusts her chest partially forward (straining confinement), while putting her hips in a passive, receptive position;

2) Her straight forward, full-contact facial expression and position, as well as her slightly cocked right shoulder [as if there were a chip on it] presents an opportunity and a challenge, if you were to dare to take it. She is signifying courage, haughtiness and self-confidence, but she is accentuating her look of accessibility and willingness;

3) Her right hand, which is tugging downward at her jeans is indicative of aggressiveness, and is a way to subconsciously (on the part of both the young woman and her quarry) cause the observer's eyes to complete an intensified visual triangle of her right shoulder, her left breast, and her right hand, tugging at her jeans. The viewer (presumably her quarry), as a matter of courtesy would try to maintain eye-contact, but his/her peripheral vision would force involuntary repeated looks at the seductive triangle which she has accomplished without even moving.

Her principal mode of non-verbal communication is posture, as opposed to gesture, and it is indeed quite potent. It is critically important to remember that body-talk is not necessarily conveyed through motion or gesture or mobile signalling -- our message is often made very clear just by our posture or stance.

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