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Microexpressions: Hints To Subconscious Lies And Doubts.

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In this world of ours, most people believe that all people lie some of the time, and that most people lie a great deal of the time. The 'tells" that indicate that someone is lying to you are very important to recognize. You may change your strategy going forward, you may confront the subject fibber regarding the issue, or you may choose to cease to engage with this person.

Salespersons, negotiators, commanders, team leaders need to read the subtle non-verbal signals of the body in order to make decisions.

What I find fascinating as the author of The Sending Signals Blog is how those persons lying to us are actually not even fully aware that they are lying -- that we, as questioners, sellers, presenters and interrogators can oftimes tell that our counterpart is lying before the fact of the lie has graduated from his or her subconscious or unconscious mind to his or her conscious awareness.

The brief article which follows appears courtesy of  the American Express Open Forum:

5 Ways to Detect Lying Clients by Reading Their Facial Cues

Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Pumpkin Plan

October 16, 2012
The truth lies not in what people say. It is what they say and what they do while they say it that speaks the truth. The truth is revealed through microexpressions, subtle changes in the face that happens for only a fraction of a second. A microexpression is just like any other facial expression (e.g. a wide-open, slacked jaw expressing utter surprise) it is just expressed momentarily, before the person “recovers” to a lying expression that matches their lying words.

Once you understand how facial cues work, you can match your clients' words to their actions and “hear” the truth every single time. Here's the beginner's guide to reading facial cues and what your client is really telling you.

These five diagrams are deceptively simple but are wonderful illustrations of micro expressions -- those expressions which mean that the person with whom we're speaking is either conflicted, confused or simply lying.

Study well and learn to read micro expressions -- even if the rest of the non-verbal and verbal cues all seem affirming and sincere, these micro expressions are the subconscious mind's way of giving physical expression to internal conflicts.

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