Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sexual Signals - The Art Of Gazing.

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When you are in face-to-face one-on-one situation (or in what can be manipulated into one), you happen to male, and are just becoming acquainted with a woman, her imagination can be stimulated by your eye movements and focal placement ("The Art Of Gazing") with shocking simplicity and effectiveness.

No, this doesn't involve pheromones, hypnosis or anything more arcane than simply knowing where to look, how to look and for how long. This makes sense because the eyes interact to stimulate various parts of the brains of both parties. It is simply a matter of who takes the lead. And, most wonderfully, it can be done with a couple of yards distance between the two of you, provided that you are fully facing each other -- the effect is more powerful as the distance between the two of you is reduced or closed, but sometimes behaving in a socially appropriate way, you cannot close distance by walking up closer or possibly invading someone else's personal space.

Our subject male must spend most of this potentially brief time (you two might be stopping just to chat for a moment, or one of you may be called away (hopefully not to testify before a congressional committee) doing precisely this:

1) Make initial eye contact, open your mouth as if to say "hello" -- you can even mouth the words -- and briefly nod your head in the affirmative as if agreeing to something that she has said;

2) Re-establish the eye-to-eye contact while you speak about anything (company picnic, budget review, your upcoming endoscopy; it doesn't matter, because your body is having a separate conversation with her, and her subconscious is keenly aware of it, while she might not be consciously aware of it) for at least twenty seconds. Lock it in:

3) Let your gaze drop to her lips and hold it there for at least twenty seconds -- it's as if you love watching her speak;

4) Gaze back up and make eye contact again, as if you had been temporarily distracted by her lips, and their beauty and grace in forming words;

5) Alternate the spotlight of your gaze (sounds like a Cole Porter tune) between her eyes and her lips, until the encounter is concluded. Exchange pleasantries.

Your new female acquaintance will find herself (perhaps despite herself) thinking about you in a sexually-oriented context. The world is your laboratory. If this experiment suits your purposes, I would strongly suggest that you try it.

Good luck to you, and thank you as always for reading me and sharing me across your social media.

Douglas E. Castle for The Sending Signals Blog

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